May 24, 2015

Raw Food House

Why not take a different fika from time to time? A more healthy one as well. Pastries that will keep your blood pressure in balance, since they are sweetened with agave syrup, dries fruits or honey. Apart from being truly delicious they contain lots of vitamins and minerals. What a great excuse for having a fika often! Raw Food House bakes their cakes and cheesecakes themselves. And they do not need to put up signs with gluten free - since everything is baked without flour. The most popular cake is the French Chocolate Cake, but there are other things as Nutella pie, Lemon balls or Mint kisses.

At Raw Food House they have unusual but healthy breakfasts. Try the chia porridge flavored with blueberry and cardamon or fermented cashew yoghurt with oat granola. With that you may drink birch sap. But there are normal drinks too. My favorite is Mocca Java with almond milk, raw cacao and chai. Last time I had stayed in the sauna for a long time, I was recommended a Sparkling Green; freshly squeezed juice with lots of chlorophyll. It will keep you going.

Some info
Filter coffee - 29
Chaga latte - 35
Chia porridge - 49
Brunch - 119
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Friisgatan 8
Mon-Tus 11-17
Wed-Thu 11-21
Fri 11-19
Sat-Sun 11-17
Phone 040-12 92 00

May 23, 2015

Söderberg & Sara

Malmö is so lucky - the best bakery in Ystad has decided to open a branch here, next to S:t Knuts Torg. After five years Tilde and Per felt they could produce and bake more in their gigant stone oven. And the natural choice was of course to expand to Malmö. They already run the café in Ystad but also Kafferosteriet in Löderup, where they roast their own coffee but you can also get wonderful leaven dough pizza with fanciful toppings.

The bread is baked in Ystad and driven to Malmö in the morning. And it is chewing in the right leaven bread way. It is obvious that they are careful about ingredients; organic, nor preservatives and real butter etcetera. Inspiration for the pastries come from all over the world, like Portuguese Pastel de nata, Italian Siena cake and French croissants. No wonder White Guide has put Söderberg & Sara on the Ten Top list of cafés in Sweden.

Some info
Filter coffee - 25
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Mäster Danielsgatan 3
Mon-Fri 7.30-18
Sat 8-16
Sunday closed

May 3, 2015

Kafé Agnez

Kafé Agnez is not only Malmö's first vegan café with only organic food. This café also has a more important purpose, because it is a safe haven for the young people who live in the home next door. Here they may work and grow and get appreciation while baking cinnamon buns or making coffee.

This is the perfect place on a windy day, because the backyard is always still and calm. You would not believe that you are right in the middle of the city center. Here one can sit forever - even if it starts to rain, because there are small roofs to protect you. It is cozy inside as well. Kafé Agnez is situated in a house from the 19th century and downstairs, there are several tables in the beautiful furnished cellar.

This is a vegan café, but you can get cows milk in your coffee or chai latte. Most of the cakes are vegan, some even gluten free but there are exceptions. Like the Mud cake, it is made with lots of dark chocolate and real butter. Kafé Agnez has been nominated Café of the Year since 2011 and they get a stream of tourists who have heard about them before hand.

Some info
Americano 30
Toast 69
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Agnesgatan 11
Wed-Sun 12-17
As soon as it gets a little warmer, the opening hours will be extended.

Bar Italia

At Bar Italia they make their own ice cream - from a Sicilian recipe. That means with sugar, milk and cream, but without the eggs. There are lots of flavors to choose from, like the Nougat KitKat that I tasted. Delicious. During the summer the queue is looong, but do not despair - it moves pretty fast.

In addition to the wonderful ice cream, Bar Italia has a spectacular view. On a clear day you can see the whole Ribersborg beach, the Öresund bridge and the silhouette of Copenhagen. If you come here on a sunny day you may get the feeling that all of Malmö's 300 000 inhabitants have come here for a stroll along the boardwalk. Some summer evening there are also people dancing tango outside, close to the water. Bar Italia is a perfect place to sit and enjoy life in Västra Hamnen.

Some info
Americano - 25
Wi-Fi - No

Getting here
Scaniaplatsen 3
Mon-Sun 11-18
Warm summer night they are open longer
Phone 040-23 67 54

Mar 21, 2015

Chez Madame - unfortunately closed for the time being

Chez Madame has wonderfully big panoramic windows. Even though you're inside it feels light and spacious, but there are a lot of outside seats as well. Even non-smokers can enjoy the long outside-benches as the area towards Falsterbogatan is a non-smoking area.

My favorite cake is Skördekakan (The Harvest Cake). Everything is baked in the café and if you have special requests, the staff are happy to help. For example, if a family wants plain buns with butter for their kids, that can easily be arranged.

What is really awesome about this place is their brunch where everything is vegetarian. There are things like Scones, French Toast or Greek Yoghurt with fruits. You get to choose whatever you like from a menu and each plate costs 45 kr. Coffee included. Affordable, tasty and irresistible! Get  there in time or visit the second serving. One idea is to gather four or more friends and each order one brunch alternative. You may then share like a "brunch tapas".

Some info
Americano 25
Three breakfast options
50/75/90 kr
Served 9-11
Brunch 45 kr/ plate (two are more than enough)
Served each weekend 10-14
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting there
Monday closed
Tue-Fri: 9-18
Sat-Sun: 10-17
040-611 70 09

Mar 18, 2015

Kaffebaren på Möllan

Kaffebar (Coffee bar) is a suitable name for this café. They focus on coffee and inside you sit on bar stools. One reason why this place is so popular, is of course the location, right on the corner of Möllevångstorget (where there is a large food market). But also the simplicity. There is not too much to choose from och just by looking at the place one knows what to expect. If you want something with your espresso, then there is a limited selection of croissants or toasts.

Most of the time there is a short queue, probably because this place has managed to keep an constant and high standard on the coffee. Kaffebar has their own coffee blend from LOVE Coffee Roasters, and you can buy that and the lovely cups to bring back home. Recently they also started serving filter coffee. For those who dare to try new flavors, there is hand brewed coffee.

This fall Oskar took over the after the former owner Samir. But much is the same. Like the very mixed clientele or as Malmö Town said in their nomination "it is an urban melting pot". This place has many regulars who live or work around the square. Go here when you want good espresso or if you want to sit and look at people walking by or just need more ground coffee at home. 

Some info
Americano 24
Breakfast sandwich 8-11
No toilet
Wi-Fi - No

Getting here
Ystadsgatan 9
Mon-Fri 8-7
Sat 9-6
Sun 10-6

Mar 10, 2015

Coffee Joint

A great way to start the day is to sit at this café and watch the busy vegetable market at Möllevångstorget; open 9 to 3 daily except Sundays. Coffee Joint's breakfast special is very good value. It is actually a small buffé with boiled eggs, bread, yoghurt, granola, fruit etcetera. And waffles that you prepare yourself. Coffee is also included. Good deal! Tastes great and you are not hungry when you leave.

They also bake their own cakes, like the Oreo Cheesecake. If the sun is out, you may catch it all day here. First on the outside tables and later in the backyard. Sitting at the bar stools by the enormous windows, is not bad either.

Some info
Breakfast special - 69
Including freshly squeezed juice and choice of coffee
Is served
Mon-Sat 9-13
Sun 10 - 13
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Möllevångstorget 3A
Mon-Sat 9-6
Sun 10-7
Phone 040-96 65 00

Feb 19, 2015


Have new new owners since December and it is St. Jakob's bakery in Lund, who runs the place. Lucky Malmö! St. Jakob is the best café in Lund. They will keep the name Melvin though. Here you can buy leaven bread and wonderful Mazarins to take home. Or stay for fika. The carrot cake is still from Olof Viktors. Why change a winning recipe? The cardamom buns sell the best. There are Kokostoppar too, with or without dark chocolate.

If you like warm chocolate, then I really recommend the variation they serve here. Made with foamed milk and pieces of real chocolate. The coffee is from Koppi in Helsingborg, who only deal with plantations which do not ruin any rainforest. The tea is replaced with Prime Tea from Lund, with flavors like Leopard Snow Buds, a green tea.

Otherwise, all is as it used to be. After deciding what to eat and drink, I can sit down and start relaxing. In a little while my order is brought to the table. And I feel taken care of, which is why this is such a popular place for fika.

Some info
Americano 28
Several breakfasts to choose from:
Continental breakfast 70 kr
Big breakfast115
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Skvadronsgatan 16
Mon-Fri 8-6
Sat-Sun 9.30-5
Telephone 040-26 12 12

Jan 30, 2015


This café takes coffee seriously; they even have their own roastery. You may buy their coffee beans and get it grounded on the spot. Another sign of their focus on coffee is the limited selection of cakes and sandwiches.

Solde is open all year around, they never closed for a holiday break. And they open early, a quarter past seven, so that you have time to pick up coffee on your way to work. They close half past six, so there is a chance to get another one on your way home as well.

This is an urban café, with busy Regementsgatan right outside. The location is not ideal for sunny days. There is a bench on the sidewalk, but if you want to sit in the sun, ask for take-away and sit on the other side of the canal. The steps there are perfect for relaxing in the city.

In the winter it has happened that I have opened the door and thought: Aha, this is very everybody's at. People are standing up and crowd together around the bar. One reason for Solde being so popular since the start in 2006, is that you always get a warm welcome and they often remember what kind of coffee you like.

Some info
Americano 22
Breakfast sandwiches 20-25
Wi-Fi - Yes You have to log in with Hot-Spot

Getting here
Regementsgatan 2
Mon - Fri 7.15- 6
Sat 9-4
Sun 10-16

Jan 26, 2015

Lilla Kafferosteriet

The scent that meets you when you open the green wooden doors, is seducing. The reason for this might be that there has been a coffee roastery here before. In 2006 there was almost only Espresso House to visit for people in Malmö who wanted fika. Filip Åkerblom then decided to start a local roastery where coffee would be served as well. This turned into Lilla Kafferosteriet, situated in a yellow 17th century building on Baltzarsgatan. He thought that knowledge about coffee was very limited at the time and wanted to increase the knowledge among people in general. But first he himself needed to get entirely educated. For several years Filip Åkerblom travelled to meet coffee planters in Central and South America. Then later to Africa and now lately to Asia. Next week's destination is Indonesia.

In the beginning the roastery lay in the café, like an open kitchen in a restaurant, but then it got too big. Therefore the shop next door was bought and the roastery and shop moved over there. But soon this was not large enough either. So now the roastery is down in the harbour. Together with a coffee school. People from all over the world come here to learn about coffee. A fun fact is that it was Filip who wrote the rules for the World Cup in coffee brewing!, a competition that was last held in Rimini, Italy.

The customers also get educated. For each filter coffee there is one refill, and in that way we get to flavor different blends. Maybe someone will dare try a lightly roasted coffee, if one first have tried medium roast. But the most important thing is that everyone should feel welcome and that there are no no-noes. Like for example - pouring milk in the coffee. Even though it is nice when someone in the clientele discovers that there are coffee qualities with very little tannin acid (grown on the lowlands in Brazil), where milk is not needed.

The pastries are carefully chosen, like the Cardamom bun from the bakery around the corner, the bread from Organic bakery and the Carrot cake from Olof Victor's out on Österlen. The café itself has many smaller rooms (you might get lost) with eclectic furniture. It is a little like coming home to an old aunt on the country side. If you sit down, you might have trouble getting up again. So cozy.

Filip does not want to get too big, but it seems he has difficulties to stop expanding. Next year he will open a coffee bar close to the new Concert Hall - Malmö Live.

Some info
Americano 26
Breakfast 60
Served all day
Brunch or Scanian breakfast buffé 95
Served Sat 10-13 & Sun 11-14
Wi-Fi - No

Getting here
Baltzarsgatan 24 A
Mon-Fri 8-19
Sat 10-17
Sun 11-17
040 - 48 20 00

Jan 25, 2015


In Helsingborg they have Fahlman's, in Stockholm there is Vete-Katten and in Lund they used to have Lundagård. Hollandia is situated on Södra Förstadsgatan and of course they should be in this blog, since it is the best patisserie in Malmö. And the oldest. It has been on the premises since 1903, but got its name in the 50's when they bought new furniture from Holland. The café is still very popular, the only that I know of which needs queue tickets. But one can use some time in line, because there is so much to choose from.

If you want to experience a typical Swedish fika, then this is the place. You get pleasant light from the lamps, a soft wall to wall carpet and a huge samovar with coffee, where you get your refill yourself. And when the weather gets warmer, Hollandia has one of Malmö's best out door cafés. No traffic instead lots to look at as a pedestrian walk is right outside.

Hollandia also cares a lot about the ingredients. And that is why all the pastries are exceptionally tasty. Five bakers and two pastry chefs bake every thing from scratch, they even make their own butter. And the berries on the Passionfruit and Chocolate Mousse cake are raw, that is, not heated. As much as possible Hollandia like to serve anything organic , but "best choice" is even more important. The eggs are from a small farm in Vinslöv and the coffee is Zoega's Cultiva which is both organic and fair trade.

Some info
Coffee with refill 35
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting here
Södra Förstadsgatan 8
Mon-Fri 8-19
Sut 9-18
Sun 10-19
Phone 040-12 48 86

Nov 7, 2014


This café is located on a cozy little backstreet to Lilla Torg. It is leafy and peaceful. Noir does not have a lot of indoor seats, but they do have a bigger open-air café, with classical French café chairs and tables. I like sitting both indoors, because the wall is one big window, and outdoors, because it is almost always possible to find some shadow, or sun or wrap yourself in a white fleece blanket.

Here they take coffee seriously. It is one of the reasons it is called Noir Kaffekultur (Coffee Culture). The coffee is brewed with coffee beans from LOVE Coffee Roasters in Lund. This place aim for organic and local produce. Like the drink Lina's and her bees, or the stylish soda from Naturfrisk in Denmark. You may drink them only because their labels are so pretty. The pastries are made on the spot and change depending on the season. 

Some info
Americano 28
Wi-Fi - No
Talk to each other instead :)

Getting here
Mon-Fri 8 am-6 pm
Sat 10 am-5 pm
Sun 11 am-4 pm

Oct 28, 2014

Café Grannen

Café Grannen is really charming and more charmed you will get, when you understand how altruistic Sami works. The paintings hanging on the walls for example, are for sale. The café was already from the beginning a café and a gallery. Sami, who also paints, only had the opening of a gallery in mind, but also kept the café. To help "struggling artists", she sells their paintings without any commission. If you do find a spot on the wall, you're welcome to share your art with the public.

But it's also a café. Sami, the owner, makes and bakes everything herself. Like the three types of cheesecake that are usually on display, one with an exotic new flavor. If you pick a piece of that one, you have to give some feedback. And if at least five customers say they would buy the same cake again, then that variety will be on next week's menu. There are also vegan "Swedish Chocolate Balls".

If you choose the Scone buffé or brunch, you will have the possibility to taste Sami's home-made marmalades. Take the chance while you're here! Good tasting, unusual combinations like pear&cinnamon or banana&nectarin. If you prefer gluten-free scones or vegan - just write a message to the café on Facebook a few days before your visit, and they will prepare it for you.

Other charming details are the bookshelves, where you are allowed to leave or borrow book. Remember to tell Sami before you take a book, since some customers keep their reading material here to use on their next fika. Also don't forget to adore the restroom before you leave, because it is charming and unusual as the rest of this place.

Some info
Americano 20
Scone-buffé 55
Served 9-11 (Sometimes longer)
Brunch 85-95
Brunch served 9.30-14 on weekends
Wi-Fi - Yes

Getting there
Östervärnsgatan 5
Mon-Thu 9-17
Fridays closed!
Sat-Sun 9.30-15.30
040 - 602 37 34

Oct 14, 2014

Green Queen

This healthy café is run by Ika and Ove on the outskirts of Möllan. The café itself doesn't have a lot of seats but you may sit outside by some tables, though bare in mind that Nobelvägen might get a bit noisy during the day. If that is the case, then you can always head over to the beautiful Jesus park, which has a perfectly fine lawn that makes great for sitting on as well as the fact that you've got a great view over the park.

One of my friends asked if there were any pastries without gluten at this café. The thing is that all pastries are baked without flour because Ika doesn't believe in processed food. The pastries don´t even contain white sugar but they do contain a lot of different variations of nuts, seeds as well as chocolate. I personally chose a very delicious Snickerboll and my friend picked out a Raw chocolate lavender cheesecake for herself.

Green Queen also happens to have an espresso machine, which makes perfect coffee if you want good tasting coffee. But I would really advice you to try their healthy Smoothies or the Raw Shakes when you're here. I actually asked Ika what she would recommend for me who have had a cold for about a week and she advised me to try out the " To bee or not to bee ", which contains buckthorn and be pollen and some other goodies. I'm not sure if it was a coincidence but the very next morning I woke up full of energy and I literally jumped out of my bed without my horrible cold! :)

Some info
Americano 26
Brunch on Sundays
There are two brunches:
One Raw food and the other one a bit more traditional with scones.
Wifi - Yes

Getting there
Nobelv 30/Simrishamnsg 42
Mon 11-18
Closed Tuesdays
Wed-Thu 11-18
Fri-Sun 11-16.30
070-694 53 12

Jul 12, 2014


I usually don't stay for fika here, but Gateau still has a place in this blog. I always buy my bread here. You can also find artistic pastry; the other week I bought some for my oldest son´s birthday. And it is here Anders and I buy our take-away Americanos, when we catch the train to Copenhagen or haven't had time to eat breakfast at home. The sandwiches are made to order and they put on plenty of ham and cheese etc. Some costumers even ask for less!

Gateau was established in the 80's in Stockholm. They were then situated on Norrmalmstorg and were proud of being the most expensive café in the city. 2011 Gateau opened several cafés in Malmö and after a while they were forced to adjust the prices in line with  Malmö.

If you like something sweet that will keep you satisfied all day, then choose the Köpenhamnaren. If you like to buy some bread, I vote for Grand Blanc or Apricot and Hazelnut Bread, which both are delicious to toast!

Some info
Americano 23
All the sandwiches (you choose the type of  bun) cost 35 with topping. For example salami/brie.
One popular pastry is Lemon Meringue Pie 35
Wi-Fi - No

Getting here
Mon-Fri 6.30-18.30
Sat-Sun 8-17